Four Reasons to Try iScribe

You don't have to switch your current EHR platform

Optimize your existing EHR without getting bogged down in it

Solve the whole problem rather than adding another bandaid

You can be up and running tomorrow

What Doctors are Saying

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Pulmonary Associates

Testimonial - Dr. Brian Sumrall

Hear how iScribe’s services help you not only see an increase in revenue, but an increase in patient interaction. It keeps your practice less about charting and more about patient care.

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Texas Orthopaedics Sports & Rehabilitation Associates

Testimonial - Dr. Barbara Bergin

Learn about the level of control that you gain over the immediate production of the medical documentation you record with iScribe.

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Texas Orthopaedics Associates

Testimonial - Dr. Brett Raynor

Since using iScribe, Dr. Raynor has seen drastic increases in productivity, spending half the time in EHR than he used to and being able to see 5-10 more patients per half day than before.

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