Stop Documenting.

Rediscover meaning in medicine— and leave the office with your last patient.

Generative AI
EHR Integration

Your patients need you. Leave the paperwork to iScribe.

iScribe uses a combination of generative AI and speech-to-text to complete documentation on the provider’s behalf, so they can put their time and energy back towards their patients.

The result? Reduced burnout, increased productivity, and better outcomes for patients, providers, and administrators alike.

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Doctor listening to patient
Providers are people too

Nobody goes into medicine for the administrative work.

And yet, providers spend too much time on soulless documentation. It’s a waste of their time, sanity, and talent, and takes away from their ability to treat their patients as best they can.

At iScribe, we believe doctors should be able to do their jobs without having to multitask during appointments or bring work home with them. They deserve the same health, balance, and wellness that they provide for their patients.

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Using AI to bring humanity back to healthcare.

iScribe AI eliminates the burden of documentation, giving providers back time and energy to reinvest in their patients and their own wellbeing.

With a powerful combination of speech-to-text and ambient listening capabilities, our sophisticated AI application auto-generates medical documentation in the moment and returns it directly to your EHR with no need to copy and paste. Review in a matter of seconds and leave the office with your last patient.

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Access Documentation Immediately

iScribe integrates with your existing EHR and returns notes in 30 seconds or less.

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Customize the AI Output

Doctors can customize iScribe to support their workflow and preferences.

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Optimize your Entire Practice

Accelerate billing, scheduling, authorizations, and everything else that is contingent on documentation.

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How iScribe makes a difference.

Save Time
With hours freed up from documentation, providers can focus on the parts of the job that matter.
Increase Capacity
Endless, soulless documentation contributes to burnout. We eliminate that burden altogether.
Improve Performance
When providers can focus on what matters, we get better outcomes— for patients and your practice.

Seamless integration with your EHR.

iScribe AI integrates with and optimizes your existing EHR, so you don’t have to waste time or money learning a new system.

We partner with the industry’s leading EHRs and are always adding new integrations to our platform.

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iScribe helps our providers spend more time face to face with the patient.
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Lee Levanduski, COO at Florida Orthopaedic Institute
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Get started with iScribe.

Your time is invaluable. That's why we pride ourselves on the ability to get you up and running in a day.

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Try the software for two weeks, completely free. We’re here to guide you through the installation process.
Implement & Customize
Customize the AI to each provider’s workflow preferences and use it to its full capacity for fourteen days.
Reclaim Your Time
Break free from your EHR and witness provider morale, patient care, and your bottom line reach new heights.

The future of healthcare is happening now.

AI isn’t here to replace doctors— it never could. But the provider who embraces AI will outperform the one who doesn’t. Every time.

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