iScribe helps our providers spend more time face to face with the patient.

Lee Levanduski

Florida Orthopaedic Institute

An EHR transition made easy.

In partnership with athenahealth, we helped Florida Orthopaedic Institute transition EHRs without sacrificing any productivity or revenue.

Switching EHRs is a daunting task. This scale of transition impacts an entire organization, from providers and their support staff to registration and billing. During this change, there’s always the risk of derailing practice productivity and missing out on invaluable revenue while providers take on lower patient volume and acquaint themselves with a new system.

To streamline this tricky transition period, Florida Orthopaedic Institute (FOI) engaged in simultaneous go-lives with iScribe and athenahealth. In the course of a single day, 92 FOI providers trained and went live with iScribe services, including AirMic and Mobile EHR Platform, while athenahealth’s EHR went live concurrently. 

Doing so, providers did not suffer from expected productivity loss— in fact, the providers who used iScribe experienced an improvement in encounter close rates and were able to continue documenting their patient appointments without any significant volume reduction, resulting in around $120,000 worth of savings for FOI.

A difference you can measure.

75% Fewer
Go-Live Issues

Thanks to iScribe’s onboarding process and available tech support, substantially fewer go-live issues were reported to Command Center.

Annual Savings

By switching from manual transcription to iScribe’s mobile platform, FOI realized around $120,000 in annual savings.

92 Users

We onboarded nearly 100 FOI employees within a day and helped them bypass the expected volume and productivity loss in the process.

Efficiency & Productivity In A Large Practice

with Florida Orthopaedic Institute

The future of healthcare is happening now.

AI isn’t here to replace doctors— it never could. But the provider who embraces AI will outperform the one who doesn’t. Every time.

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