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Our virtual scribe services allow physicians to record patient encounters and send the audio to a certified medical scribe. The scribe constructs the entire clinical note and inserts templates, macros and other EHR components. The physician then reviews and signs off on the note in the EHR.

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Four Reasons to Try iScribe

You don’t have to switch your current EHR platform.

Optimize your existing EHR without getting bogged down in it.

Solve the whole problem rather than adding another bandaid.

You can be up and running tomorrow.

With iScribe You Can Expect:

  • 20-30% more patients and increased revenue.
  • To eliminate painful scribe on-boarding and turnover.
  • 2 hours back per day.
  • Our team to order lab test, make diagnoses, update templates, and more.

What Doctors are Saying

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