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iScribe is a mobile app that fully integrates with your existing EHR platform in order to streamline medical documentation and restore an authentic physician-patient relationship.

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Four Reasons to Try iScribe

You don’t have to switch your current EHR platform.

Optimize your existing EHR without getting bogged down in it.

Solve the whole problem rather than adding another bandaid.

You can be up and running tomorrow.

See Firsthand How iScribe Can Benefit Your Medical Practice

  • Intuitive design for heightened usability
  • Bidirectional input between EHR and app
  • Real-time integration
  • Rapid onboarding
  • Adaptive software that learns and adapts to behavior patterns
  • User customization to optimize functionality and efficiency
  • Across-device mobilization
  • Cloud-based voice technology customized to medical specialty
  • Virtual scribe services

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