Want to Get the Most From Your Prime Suite EHR? Add iScribe to the Mix.

iscribe_ipad_mockup_111716.pngLet us guess: you've got Prime Suite installed at your practice, but you're still encountering productivity issues? You're not the only one. Countless healthcare professionals have cited difficulties with Prime Suite and other EHR systems because of small windows in the user interface, complicated templates, and having to pay extra for the functionality you need. The good news is, you don't need to toss your EHR altogether or even replace it - you just need an extra tool. That's where iScribe, the mobile EHR app, comes in.

Schedule your demonstration and discover:

  • How iScribe seamlessly integrates with your Prime Suite system after same-day setup
  • How EHR use can be intuitive for any user on any device
  • What it looks like when voice recognition and mobile functionality are built into your system
  • How engaging patients can be made easier with automated functionality
  • What it's like to enjoy practicing medicine again!

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