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iScribe versus dax

Choose the documentation tool built for EVERY provider.

The future of healthcare might be AI-driven but we’re living in the present. Many practices are not ready to gamble with their documentation and budgets while boxing themselves into a singular workflow.

iScribe Versus DAX

Ambient listening could be the way of the future but what about right now? What about the practices who need straightforward, practical solutions today? If you’re here to understand the difference between DAX and iScribe, or you’re just looking for an affordable and practical virtual scribe solution, you’re in the right place. 

What’s The Real Difference?

Much like iScribe, DAX offers a hands-free documentation solution based on recorded in-room conversations. Unlike iScribe, there are specific workflows that providers must follow to see the benefits of ambient recording platforms like DAX. Plus, DAX is not paired with other tools or services to meet the provider’s comprehensive needs. 

With iScribe you can expect to pay less for more options and flexibility.

Eliminates Non Essential Staff Natural Narrative Personalized, thorough notes Multiple QA Steps Billing/ Discreet Data Orders & Meds Multiple Service/ Tool Options Affordable



The iScribing Difference

iScribe allows providers to choose the appropriate tool and service on-demand for each patient.  

New patient visits during, where the physician typically spends more time in the room, are a great fit for our virtual scribe offering, whereas recheck/follow-up visits can be easily completed with our mobile app with embedded voice recognition. 

That’s right, providers can switch services from patient-to-patient in order to optimize their speed and productivity while reducing cost. No new systems need to be installed into every clinical room. And you don’t have to contact a separate sales or support department for each solution.

Getting started with iScribe is as easy as downloading the app, entering your credentials and you’re off and running! 


Why iScribe?

A solution for every workflow

Anytime access to EHR

Save Money & Time

Ready to experience iScribe results?

Schedule a demo today to see iScribing for yourself. We want to help you bring back the joys of practicing medicine, make your patients happier, and improve your practice’s bottom line.

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