Introducing iScribe: The Steering Wheel for Your EHR

We have spent the entirety of our careers, over 10 years each, helping physicians maintain both their productivity and sanity throughout a period of unprecedented change and disruption (the bad kind!) in the field of medicine. Our experiences in leadership roles within a variety of healthcare companies large and small – Greenway, Sunquest, and Community Health Systems to name a few – have allowed us to develop deep industry insight into the challenges clinicians currently face. What drives us is an even deeper conviction to help alleviate the pain associated with said challenges.

Physicians and support staff are highly frustrated with current EHR technology due to the unfulfilling user experience. Supporting evidence abounds regarding both the lack of usability and user-centric based design.

Current solutions are not ideal either and can include the hiring of a medical scribe and/or speech recognition products. A medical scribe can be either physical or virtual and will average nearly $25 per hour. Speech recognition products require hours of training or expensive transcription services – both of which defeat the purpose of using an EHR as no actionable data is captured.

Driving EHR Systems

Just as the steering wheel of a Formula 1 racecar is an indispensable tool for the driver in operating an incredibly sophisticated and powerful piece of modern technology, so is the iScribe mobile app for healthcare providers in “driving” their EHR system. The steering wheel pictured below never leaves the driver’s side and is their lifeline throughout the race. The steering wheel provides mission-critical, real-time data ranging from tire pressure and balance to overall engine performance and calibration data, thus allowing the driver to be both as efficient and effective as possible.

Benefits of iScribe

iScribe provides similar capabilities for physicians and caregivers.  With the ability to integrate with virtually any EHR system, iScribe provides the modern and intuitive mobile app experience that sophisticated healthcare professionals have longed for. Rather than going through a long, painful, and expensive EHR “rip and replace” process – providers can now simply plug iScribe into their current systems and workflows. By doing so, physicians will have completely transformed the user experience of the existing EHR – from the ability to view and update any past medical history item, e-Prescribing capability, diagnosis, ordering/charge capture, to real-time ICD-10 coding assistance. iScribe provides a comprehensive documentation tool that enables the clinician to re-engage with patients in a dynamic, meaningful way.

Say goodbye to the frustration that is endless radio buttons on clumsy PC/Desktop windows with drop-down menus resulting in countless clicks just to get through one patient encounter. iScribe will have your existing EHR engine humming like never before.

Give us a call or click here to try iScribe today.

You’ll be glad you did – your workflow is due for a tune-up!

Pat Williams and Justin Hipps

Co-founders of iScribeHealth

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