A Tale of Physician Burnout

physician burnout

Chapter 1: There Has Got to Be a Better Way It’s 8:34 pm on a Wednesday night. All the patients have left. The clinic is dark other than the emergency lighting that runs 24/7 and three office lights, illuminating the rooms for the doctors that are still filing documentation from earlier that day. In one […]

3 Ways iScribe Unlocks the Potential of Your Prime Suite EHR

Mobile EHR

While EHR vendors have made admirable strides to improve physicians’ experiences with using their software, providers still aren’t satisfied with the systems. Greenway Health’s flagship EHR solution, Prime Suite, is one of the more highly rated systems out there, but despite its widespread adoption, some users have found difficulties with its use. Here is a […]

Clinic Reduces Dictation Costs by $1,000 Per Physician with iScribe

dictation cost

Pulmonary Associates of Mobile, AL has integrated a new EHR documentation solution into their practice, leading to monthly savings of roughly $1,000 per physician. The solution, iScribe, is a mobile EHR app that acts as a plug-in for existing EHR software. Pulmonary Associates uses Prime Suite from Greenway Health as their underlying EHR system but […]

Calculating the ROI of Mobile EHR Apps

About iScribe

Mobile EHR apps save doctors and other professionals in a medical practice tons of time on patient documentation. That has some qualitative benefits, like spending more time on patient care or actually getting out of the office at a reasonable time, but what about the money? How does investing in another piece of software actually […]

How Your EHR System Can Hurt Patient Retention & Financial Success

patient retention

Patients can’t stand when their doctors are distracted. According to them, the best doctors are the ones who truly listen and involve them in their care plan. If patients don’t receive enough care and attention from their providers, they’re likely to look for healthcare elsewhere. If hospitals and clinics are hoping to improve their patient […]

Why You Should Replace Medical Transcription Services with Mobile EHR

Providers are often very unsatisfied with the amount of time they spend using EHRs, relative to the time they spend with patients. If providers spend most of the appointment time entering data into the computer, it makes the visit less personal which leads to dissatisfied patients. Doctors are sitting for hours each week in front […]

Assessing Options for Increasing Physician Practice Productivity

Physician productivity is a focus across all medical practices. There are a hundred different things that physicians can do with extra time and we know doctors aren’t sitting in their exam rooms thinking “I wish I had less time”. Inefficiency is inevitable to some degree, but when physician inefficiencies are causing unsustainable long hours, the […]

Born to Save Lives, Stuck on a Keyboard: The Impact of Physician Burnout

Physician burnout is emotional exhaustion experienced by those in the healthcare industry. Much of it stems from overwhelming amounts of work and tasks to complete, causing physicians to feel fatigued, cynical, and distant in conversations with others. It is a growing phenomenon and has had a dramatic impact on the lives of physicians.   The […]

iScribe Selected as a Venture Atlanta 2018 Presenting Company

With over $2.6 billion in funding awarded to date, Venture Atlanta continues to be the Southeast’s leading tech investor and entrepreneurial connection event. Atlanta—September 20, 2018 iScribeHealth announced today that it has been chosen out of hundreds of applicants as one of the top 34 rising star technology companies in the Southeast that will present […]

Give Yourself Wings: Boosting EHR and EMR Productivity

Physician burnout

Patient documentation in EHR and EMR has been around for a while but has seen little success in making impactful differences for the physicians who use them. New EHR and EMR systems might eliminate pen and paper record keeping by going digital, but it’s not saving physicians any time. Now they spend more time typing […]