Cut the Clipboard out of EHR Software

The Role of the Clipboard in EHR Software EHR systems have become essential for any healthcare facility to organize and centralize patient data. However, the manual nature of these systems has led to challenges in efficiency as well as increasing rates of physician burnout. Lower efficiency rates and employees spread too thin could lead your […]

How an EHR Mobile APP Will Help You Better Focus on Your Patients

iScribe EHR app on iphone

As 2015 comes to an end, many late-adopter providers are scrambling to become EHR compliant. In the interest of ensuring the majority of practices deploy EHR systems and can demonstrate meaningful use, the government instituted penalties for noncompliance. Practices not able to adequately demonstrate meaningful use by the start of 2016 are subject to the […]

5 Ways to Demonstrate Quality Patient Care

In a 2015 Journal of Participatory Medicine study, 51 people were interviewed and asked the question, “What do you want from your health care?” Respondents gave answers that fit into a dozen themes, but three came up again and again: Having a doctor who listens to their patients Having a doctor who is caring and […]

Where is the Mobility in Healthcare?

We’ve all asked ourselves the question: “What did we do before smartphones?”  Now more than ever, our daily lives revolve around these increasingly powerful, not to mention addictive, devices that keep us constantly connected with the world around us.  From both a personal and professional perspective, mobile devices and the apps that drive them have […]

Rate Your Pain: How Do EHR Documentation Solutions Affect You?

One basic way to prescribe an appropriate treatment is to gauge how much pain the patient is in. What about your own pain? Have you been afflicted with the fatigue and suffering associated with using outdated medical documentation software? Alright, so maybe we’re putting a bit of a dramatic spin on it, but with the […]

Mobile EHR Software: Is it Right For You?

For every half-hour spent on patient exams, doctors spend about an hour organizing, editing, and reviewing the patient’s associated EHR documentation. That effectively makes the average doctor’s day twice as long as it should be. We got to wondering, “What would doctors be able to do if maintaining records wasn’t a factor?” Here’s what we […]

Join the Club: How the Healthcare Industry is Going Mobile

We all recognize that mobile devices and their usage has exploded in the past several years, but how has mobile been adopted in the healthcare industry? The reality is that people are using their mobile devices for health-related purposes more than you’d expect. In fact, 52% of those with smartphones search for health-related information on […]

Turning Down the Volume: Emphasizing Quality Care Under MACRA

The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) comes into full swing in 2017. With only a few months left in the year, providers need to make sure they have a solid strategy in place for meeting MACRA specifications. Before developing a strategy, however, it’s important that doctors understand – what is MACRA? Putting MACRA […]

5 People Who Benefit from Mobile Apps

When a new technology gets introduced in a medical practice, it’s sure to affect a lot of different people. In the case of EHR mobile apps, luckily those effects are positive. Here are five examples of healthcare professionals that feel the benefits of implementing an EHR mobile app: Providers There are plenty of ways that […]

A Tale of Physician Burnout

Chapter 1: There Has Got to Be a Better Way It’s 8:34 pm on a Wednesday night. All the patients have left. The clinic is dark other than the emergency lighting that runs 24/7 and three office lights, illuminating the rooms for the doctors that are still filing documentation from earlier that day. In one […]