3 Ways iScribe Unlocks the Potential of Your Prime Suite EHR

While EHR vendors have made admirable strides to improve physicians’ experiences with using their software, providers still aren’t satisfied with the systems. Greenway Health’s flagship EHR solution, Prime Suite, is one of the more highly rated systems out there, but despite its widespread adoption, some users have found difficulties with its use. Here is a sampling of feedback that doctors have given about Prime Suite:

1) Trouble with template setups

It’s important that, when software doesn’t quite fit the needs of providers and practice staff, those users can make a system change and customize the platform. Prime Suite users report that they’d be happier with the program if they could just figure out how to streamline it for themselves. Building templates for particular care cases isn’t a simple task and requires a time investment. The problem arises when doctors are already trying to manage their usual workload and can’t put in that time.

2) Small window/work area size

One of the most frequently cited complaints with Prime Suite is that the window sizes are just too small to work ineffectively. The program features a scheduling tool in the core software to allow practices to deliver a quality end-to-end appointment experience for patients. Front desk coordinators, however, referenced how appointment scheduling was so difficult to accomplish due to the fact that “the screen is so small it takes a magnifying glass to read it.” Frustration with this task also gets picked up on by the patient, leading to a negative impact on their visit experience, countering Greenway’s good intentions.

3) Difficult to navigate without extensive training

To give Prime Suite some credit, they aren’t the only ones out there that have navigation issues within their EHR system. Prime Suite users have found that the program is complex and getting to their desired system tool requires a lot of clicking. Usability on mobile devices is out of the question for most practices, unless they get the mobile add-on for the system.

Speaking of add-ons, isn’t it a little odd that physicians can’t get the full functionality out of their system right from the start? When providers implement EHR software into their practice, they’re expecting to get what they were shown in the initial demo: an easy-to-use system with features that enhance their productivity. According to reports from some Greenway Health users, though, that isn’t always the case. But there is a third-party solution that addresses the challenges of Prime Suite right out of the box, without requiring any EHR changes on behalf of the user: iScribe, the mobile EHR app.

How iScribe Heals Prime Suite Woes

iScribe was developed to specifically address some of the biggest pain points for Prime Suite EHR users. It is possible for providers to collect the health records data that they need without overloading their schedules with data entry time; they just require the right user interface and the functionality they’ve been asking for.

Intuitive Design

To start, iScribe addresses the usability issue. The app is specifically designed with the intent of having doctors and other healthcare personnel use whatever device is available to them, whether it be a tablet or even a smartphone, in order to record patient data. iScribe is broken out into touch-friendly blocks and modules that will make practitioners forget about templatizing altogether. By tapping, swiping, and using other gestures familiar to any app built for touch, users can navigate precisely where they need to.

Easy Viewing on Any Device

Think of the apps you’ve downloaded from the iTunes store or Google Play, as a mobile banking app. The design typically features large tiles with clear text, smooth scrolling functionality, and responsiveness that feels natural in your hand. That’s iScribe’s look and feel, from patient history entries to e-prescribing and order entry. Enlarging your screen and scrolling to the “just right” section of your system is an annoyance and a time-waster… so iScribe just eliminates it entirely.

Hit the Ground Running

Three words: same-day setup. Practices already using Prime Suite software are primed for iScribe use. The mobile app acts as a sort of plug-in, and once the integration is established, it’s ready to use. Most iScribe users find that they’re able to pick up their mobile device and start using it immediately, but even less tech-savvy professionals are up and running within a couple of hours after watching some tutorial videos highlighting the app’s features.

Built-in Tools That Make Work Easier

They don’t cost anything extra, either. iScribe is packaged with speech-to-text capabilities and also features an underlying medical terminology system that helps users choose the right care details every time. Patient engagement is an important part of care, so iScribe has capabilities there, too. Document the visit in moments and let the system automation take care of sending appointment reminders and follow-up messages for you.

Take Advantage of Your Prime Suite System

When doctors implement iScribe in their practice, they get the full benefits of retaining their patient records in their Prime Suite EHR software without actually having to work in it. Like most technologies, though, it’s easy to talk up features; seeing and using is really believing. Request a trial from iScribe today, and come ready with your Prime Suite challenges – we’re ready to show you how to unlock its true power.

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