October App of the Month: iScribeHealth - Cure Your Documentation Headaches

Learn how iScribeHealth can cure your documentation headaches

Healthcare documentation doesn’t have to be a bottleneck or pain point at your clinic. iScribe, a certified application for Allscripts Professional EHR™, is here to help.

Whether providers are suffering from burnout, inefficient workflows, or trying to increase volume, iScribeHealth has the customizable solution to drive better practice efficiencies. iScribe is a mobile app that fully integrates with Professional EHR to streamline medical documentation by reducing clicks while enabling practices to generate more revenue and to improve practice productivity.

Webinar topics include:
• How mobilizing your EHR is a game-changer: Untether from your computer for increased productivity
• Why virtual scribes are more popular (and necessary) than ever
• How iScribe enables you to consolidate your vendor list while catering to individual workflows

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